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Socorro County Resource Guide

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If you would like a printed copy of the resource guide,  please come by our office at 411 N. California Street. 

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Mental Health Resource Brochure

Mental health resources that are available in all of Socorro County. These are regularly given out our wellness events and during our mental health campaigns.
If you would like copies for your office, please let us know. 

Mental Health

New Parent Guide

New parents at Socorro General Hospital are given these magnets  before they go home. Bringing a new baby home can sometimes be stressful, Our goal is to make all available resources to new parents easily available with this handy magnet.

2020- Updated Food and Mental Health Rack Card.

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Please contact us for hard copies to distribute.

Food and Mental Health Resouce Guide.pdf


Socorro County is the second largest county in New Mexico by geographical region with a total area of 6,647 sq miles. As such, the availability of resources across our vast county is of paramount concern. Many of our community members and neighbors lack not only an awareness of resources available, but also a method to utilize them. 9.3% of households in rural Socorro lack access to a personal vehicle, nearly twice the state average of 5.8%. Once you travel past the Socorro City Limits, 30-50% or households do not have access to internet±. This combination of factors makes it almost impossible for community members to reach available resources and to have an awareness of community offerings. As such, the SCOPE Health Council is specifically targeting these areas and seeking to develop a system of Community Empowerment, in which case underserved areas of our county will be able to gain an awareness of community offerings and gain the ability to access these needs.

2018 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates

±Housing Issues, Rural and Urban, 2017,